Loyalty types

You can create 5 diverse types of loyalty programs:

  • Gift loyalty
  • Points loyalty
  • Stamps loyalty
  • Gamification loyalty
  • Advanced loyalty

This section will describe those programs.

Gift loyalty

Use this type of loyalty to rewards users with coupons.

You can give coupons to the end users manually when they visit your store, or you can set to reward users on certain events such as following your channel, opening an engagement, opening an app, etc.

Points loyalty

Points loyalty allows you to create earning and spending the type of loyalty. You can set multiple actions that provide the end users with points (you can name your points however you like).

End users can check their point balance and decide to spend points on different benefits by activating coupons that are part of that loyalty program.

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Stamps loyalty

Stamps loyalty is a simple reward program for users, where users need to do several repeating actions to get a reward.

Stamp loyalty allows you to create loyalties such as every 5th coffee is free, or every 10th paid bill gives you a 20% discount.

You can give stamp (although you can name them however you want) to the end users using your QR code scanner or by allowing users to scan the QR code that you get with the loyalty program.

To earn a coupon, end users must accumulate enough stamps (defined by you).

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Gamification loyalty

Gamification loyalty is levelling type of loyalty.

You can create multiple levels in your loyalty program and require users to accumulate a certain number of points to achieve that level. How to earn points is defined within that loyalty setup.

You can create coupons that will only be available for the end users that reach certain levels.

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Advanced loyalty

Combination of Points and Gamification loyalty.

Your end users can earn and spend points, while at the same time progressing through a level-based system created by you.

End users will always have their point balance that can be spent on coupons, while at the same time total accumulated number of points can increase and thus get the end users to new levels.

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