A chatbot is a type of engagement that exists within chat thread of your channel and allows you to provide additional customer care and transfer your followers to your chatbot that can provide answers for frequently asked questions managed by you.

A chatbot is completely customizable and manageable by you. See below how you can create and manage chatbots to cover any given scenario in just a few steps.

Create a Bot

Create a bot simply by clicking on “create new bot” button in the top right corner of the page.

Step 1- Bot details 

Select Channel

Select one of the channels in which your chatbot will exist.


Enter the name of your chatbot.


Enter the description of your chatbot. Bot description is used internally and will not be visible to your followers (max 2000 characters)


Choose one of the existing avatars for your chatbot or upload your own according to the guidelines shown during upload.

Step 2 – Timeframe

Use this step to configure the start and end date of your chatbot.

Set start date

Here you specify when your chatbot will become available to the end users. If you choose to skip this step, your chatbot will become available as soon as you publish it.

Example: use this field to schedule your chatbot to go live next Monday at 10 AM.

Notice: Once you set start date, you will be able to change entered values only when a bot is in Draft mode. Once the bot is published you will not be able to change entered values again.

Set end date

Specify the date and time from which your chatbot will not be accessible to the end users. Once end date and time has been reached, chatbot will change status to Finished and will be archived in the system.

Step 3 – Users

Here you can segment your chatbot to a specific end user group or activate chatbot when end users walk pass specific locations.

Set segmentation

By default, your chatbot will be made available for all channel followers. Use segmentation to show chatbot only to a specific target group.

Example: use segmentation to create chatbot for prepaid users.

Target group

Based on your selection, you can see how many users will have access to your chatbot. By default, the target group is all followers of your selected channel. Based on the complexity of your segmentation, some target groups require a few minutes to be calculated.

The target group cannot be calculated if you set proximity targeting.

Step 4 – Questions and answers

A chatbot is represented in a tree-like system with predefined questions and answers. A system comprises out of questions and possible end user answers.

Simply enter the questions you want your chatbot to ask and possible answers for the end users. Each different answer leads to a new question or end of chatbot. One question can have maximum 6 answers. There is no limit on how many questions your bot should have.

See image above for an example how simple chatbot can be created.

Navigation buttons

During the entire process of creating chatbot, you have multiple options displayed on the bottom of the wizard that help you navigate and change the status of your chatbot:

  • Back – move to the previous step in the chatbot creation wizard
  • Save & continue – move to the next step in chatbot creation wizard and save your work (chatbot status changes to draft)
  • Save – save chatbot as a draft and exit chatbot creation wizard
  • Delete – this option completely removes chatbot from the system. Available only while chatbot is a draft.

Notice 1: chatbot can be deleted only in the draft stage. Once deleted, chatbot disappears from your list of chatbots.

When you reach last step “Create” option appears. Create option makes your chatbot active or scheduled depending on the start date and time you chose.

Once chatbot becomes active, option Disable appears. Disable allows you to temporarily disable your chatbot and make it unavailable for the end users. Once disabled, chatbot can be re-enabled by pressing the Enable button.

Archive button allows you to move chatbot to status finished, thus making it unavailable for the end users, without the possibility to enable chatbot again. Use this option cautiously.

Notice 2: chatbot is automatically moved to status finished once chatbot reaches end date. Finished chatbots are displayed in your list of all chatbots engagements.

Manage Chatbots

On this page, you can access all your chatbots, see when chatbot has been made available, chatbot status and basic analytics. Basic analytics show how many people had interacted with your chatbots. To access detailed analytics, please visit tab Analytics, section Chatbot.

You can also search a Chatbot from this page, as well as filter them by the channel in which they appear, or by creation date.

You can edit chatbots from this page simply by pressing edit pen on the right. Use navigation buttons to submit or dismiss changes as well as to enable or disable chatbot.

You can set your chatbots to appear on your channel page in order that you wish. Simply click on  icon of the desired chatbot and enter the position number to set specific place in the section for this engagement. If you enter the same number for more than one engagement, they will be ordered by last updated time.